Our role is to help the family, and other stakeholders, understand their options for the future and support them in making decisions that combine their aspirations, traditions and values.

Our consulting process has been developed over 20 years and is based on extensive research combined with practical experience.

Why does the family want to continue in business? 

A shared purpose helps a family, and the business, define the financial and non-financial returns on investment that combine to represent overall success. Articulating what the family is striving to achieve by being in business is critical because without a shared purpose, there will not be enough glue to bond the family in their collective investment. 

What role do the family want to have in the business? 

A family’s involvement and interaction with their family business can change through generations. We can help families identify, based on the capability, capacity and willingness of the family, their role within the business and the potential to involve non-family members into the business if necessary. 

How does the family and the business need to be organized to achieve this? 

Our process provides a diligent way to create durable governance structures and effective policies for a family business. It explores the relevant issues in a methodical manner, ensuring the key principles of governance including representation, leadership, accountability and decision-making are addressed.

After meeting to discuss the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’, we prepare a comprehensive blueprint on how the business can move forward to ensure a successful future. We can also work with you to create an implementation plan for that blueprint. 

We provide an independent and experienced view and have the skills to facilitate discussions on matters that can sometimes be sensitive. As enthusiastic champions of family entrepreneurship, we are actively involved in improving the overall awareness of the economic and social contribution made by family businesses.